Well Maintained Apartments began with the purchase of a 4-plex in 1989. The business has grown to a portfolio of over 290 apartments in the Twin Cities and still growing. We are a company with a sole owner who has grown the business slow but sure with no partners or investors. We only manage and maintain our own properties so that we can deliver the best customer service possible. We have skin in the game! The owner takes a very hands on approach to all aspects of the properties.

Our maintenance staff is courteous, professional and very knowledgeable of all the properties. The same staff have been with the company since 2003. No maintenance issue is too big or too small to handle.

The property manager is always available by phone or in the office to answer any administrative questions or maintenance requests.  Every tenant or situation is treated with the utmost discretion and respect.

This team works extremely hard to be proud of the Well Maintained Apartments name