Well Maintained Apartments does not discriminate against tenants or prospective tenants based on race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or age. Well Maintained Apartments does, however, require favorable credit (625 credit score), an unblemished criminal and previous housing background check and a monthly income two and one-half times the monthly rent. For more information contact Well Maintained Apartments.

Minn. Stat. 504B.181, subd.2(b) (2003) requires landlords to notify tenants that this handbook is available to them. For a copy (pdf) of this booklet, please click here to link to the Minnesota Attorney General's website.

Application fee is $40.00 per adult.

Your lease term is always defined by your Residential Lease Agreement, or any signed Lease Renewal documents. No matter what your lease term is, a two-month notice to vacate is always required.

If the Resident is unable to complete the full term of the Residential Lease or Lease Renewal, we offer the Resident a "Lease Buy-Out". With this agreement, the Resident must pay a fee and give at least a two-month notice (two full rental periods) to vacate. Please contact your property manager for more information.

No power - Check the GFI or fuse box. A GFI (circuit breaker) The, "screw in", fuse is put in the same way as a light bulb. - Call the office for assistance.

Smell of natural gas in apartment - Most often the pilot light for an appliance has gone out. Please see Pilot Light. If this does not work, please call for maintenance.

Our goal is to keep the temperature of your apartment between 68 and 70 degrees. If your apartment is not at this temperature, please notify us so that we can have a maintenance technician adjust it. Never leave inside or storm windows open to regulate the temperature of your apartment. This will disrupt the heat balance of the entire building, and will make it difficult for us to regulate proper heating temperatures.

Laundry room hours are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. The laundry room door should be closed at all times. - Do not store any personal items (bikes, furniture, etc.) in the laundry room. - Please leave the laundry tubs, washing machines and dryers clean. Clean the lint trap in the dryer after each use.

Light bulbs inside the apartment are the responsibility of the Resident. If the light is in a location that you are unable to reach, please contact our office, and we will help you replace it.

There is a charge of $100.00 for letting you into your apartment after hours and a $50.00 charge during office hours. Please call the office for assistance.

Well Maintained Apartments is not responsible for lost or stolen items, whether left inside your apartment or outside your apartment (such as items left in cars, storage lockers, laundry room, or anywhere on the premise).

Tenants may paint the walls of their apartments only with written approval from management. Please see the Residental Lease Agreement.

Please do not park in the RESERVED parking areas or your vehicle may be towed at your expense.

Please contact Management if you wish to reserve a parking/garage space.

All vehicles parked in Well Maintained Apartments parking lots must have current registration and be in operating condition, or are at risk to be towed at owner's expense.

Pets are allowed only with written approval of management. The entire security deposit may be forfeited for breaking this rule. Cats are allowed for a monthly fee of $25. Only one cat allowed per apartment. Dogs, caged animals, birds and bird feeders are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please contact your Property Manager if you are considering adding a pet.

Make certain that all your stove top burners are in the off position. Similarly, make certain that the oven switch is in the off position. You should then make certain to fully ventilate your apartment. Once you become comfortable that there is no residual gas in your apartment you can re-light the pilot light for your stove. Lift the top of the stove and hold a flame near the burners. To re-light the oven, pull open the bottom drawer and light the pilot.

We will plow the day after a snowfall of more than 1 inch. If we receive 1" or more snowfall on a weekend or a holiday, we will begin plowing on the next business day.

Plowing will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will continue until all lots are plowed. All vehicles must be removed from all parking areas until the lot is completely plowed. If your car is not removed, a $30.00 ticket will be assessed for each vehicle.

If you are ever uncertain as to when the plowing day will occur, please call the rental office.

We strongly suggest having a plunger to unplug toilets and sinks.

If the toilet is overflowing, shut off the valve behind the toilet, turn the valve clockwise. Please begin by using a standard plunger. If you are unsuccessful, proceed to call our "emergency maintenance line" in your area.

Please do not attempt to adjust the heat by manipulating the radiator valve, improper adjustments can cause severe water leaks and will disrupt the heat balance of the entire building.

The valve at the base of your radiator should always be left in the open position (turned all the way to the LEFT). It should never be left half-open.

If there is any water or steam leakage from your radiator, please call the office immediately.

If you hear your pipes knocking, it is the result of a valve being left half-open. Please call the office so that maintenance can locate this valve in the building.

All radiators do make a little hissing sound, however any loud whistling should be reported to the office.

Please participate in our recycling program, and sort these items carefully. Link to the Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) site for more information on recycling.

Do not use extension cords or multi-plugs. Only Power strips are allowed, per the Fire Marshall.

If you see anyone or hear anything suspicious, call 911 and the property manager immediately.

If you smell or see smoke or fire, call 911 and the property manager immediately.

The security deposit will be refunded on the 21st of the month following the end of your tenancy.

According to Minnesota law, the security deposit cannot be used towards rent or penalties apply.

Return of the security deposit also depends on the provisions listed on the Security Deposit Agreement. The provision are as follows:

  1. No damage to property beyond ordinary wear and tear from careful use.

  2. The entire apartment must be clean, including; stove top, burner rings and drip pans, oven, air conditioner, bathroom, mini-blinds, closets, cabinets, light fixtures, refrigerator, baseboards, and all items listed on the "Schedule of Charges/Cleaning and Damage" sheet provided by management.

  3. There are no unpaid rents, late charges, or other accrued fees.

  4. All debris, rubbish, and discards are placed in the proper disposal containers. No large items, such as furniture, are to be left in the apartment or refuse area. There is a $100.00 minimum hauling charge for such items left on the premises.

  5. A forwarding address has been left with management.

  6. All keys have been returned to the Rental Office.

  7. All items furnished by the owner are to remain in the apartment.

  8. Well Maintained Apartments has received a copy of the "Resident Move-in Checklist" within five (5) days of move-in.

Saint Paul Please call 651-266-PLOW to hear the Snow Emergency declaration and schedule. Web site:

Minneapolis Please call 612-348-SNOW to hear the Snow Emergency declaration and schedule. Web site:

Storage lockers are 'store at your own risk'. Well Maintained Apartments is not responsible for lost or stolen items stored in or around the storage lockers. Please label your locker with your apartment number and secure with your own lock. If this is not followed, you are at risk of losing your space.

Dumping hours are from 8:00 am to 10:00pm. Trash should be put inside the dumpster, not left on top of the dumpster or on the ground. Garbage should be put in plastic bags or wrapped. There is an extra charge for the disposal of furniture and other items too big for the dumpster.

Grease, hair, food items, etc. must be put in the trash and can not be put down the sink drain, these items should be put in a container for disposal in the dumpster.

If you are intending to vacate your apartment, you must give a written 2 month (two full rental periods) notice. The notice to vacate must be received by our office no later than the last day of the month, two months prior to move-out. (example: if you plan to vacate on June 30th, your written notice to vacate must be received by the office no later than April 30th)

No water or hot water - Call the office for assistance.